I’m having a great Q1 quarter! Here’s Why…

first_imgTwo weeks ago PMI announced their new credential for Agile.  In summary, PMI’s new Agile credential (not officially named but assuming it might be titled ‘PMI-APP’ or ‘Agile Project Professional’), is the 6th credential which will be offered  in May, 2011 as an open enrollment pilot.  Ideal candidates for the credential are already PMP credentialed with 1500+ hours of Agile project management experience over the last 2 years.  The proctored exam is 120 questions with a maximum 3 hour timeframe.  Cost of the credential for PMI members is $435 USD.   As our IT is actively considering a program to accelerate adoption of an Agile Lean development practices this year, our setting organization goals for a # or % of PMI Agile Credentialed PM’s might also be a prudent initiative coinciding with our new Agile PM practitioners. A week later I’d been scheduled to give a presentation on the PMI Credentials at the monthly PM CoP (Community of Practice) meetings and had a slide on the above information.  A few days afterwards I was asked to officially be the Intel IT PMO PMI Credential Mentor which was doing unofficially anyway. Why am I happy about taking on more work -so as my passion is in helping my Intel pm colleagues it’s a win-win and can’t wait to start in Q2.  When you do something you like and get paid for it – it doesn’t get much better than that.  You might be thinking ‘is he that simple to please…?’.  The answer is no and coupled with the cool PMI news my Internal Cloud program is doing great.  We are ahead of schedule for the quarter already at over 46% virtualization (our Q1 goal) and might hit 48% over the next 2 weeks.  All other secondary metrics look healthy so with my program running well I have fewer issues to deal with and therefore more time to mentor. No surprise as several people in our teams got together and wrote an excellent whitepaper just released from IT@Intel on Applying Factory Principles to Accelerate Enterprise Virtualization.  We are becoming the experts in all areas.  To cap off everything else, our CIO, Diane Bryant was acknowledged by Computerworld as a top CIO and in her article mentions what asked what is the most important technology to the business, her response is: “Virtualization is driving increased efficiencies in our data centers and the productivity of our employees.” – That’s my program!It does not get much better … Life is good!ThanksJGHlast_img


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