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first_imgLike many Star Wars fans, I’m not physically in London for Star Wars Celebration Europe, but I still feel like I’ve got one of the best seats in the house because I have access to the Star Wars Celebration livestream and social media.There’s been so much news already, but it just keeps coming so I’m going to share some of the cool links I find and update as I see more. If you see something I missed, shoot me a tweet or toss it in the comments and maybe I’ll add it in.It may be a bit haphazard, but it’s exciting, so let’s begin, shall we?Best Image Of The Entire Con Episode VIII Upcoming Black Series Rebels stuff! Sabine is gorgeous in person! #SWCE pic.twitter.com/GlGizRmkQv— Jen @ SWCE (@mockingnerd) July 15, 2016Cosplay LOOK AT THAT NEW #RogueOne POSTER #SWCE pic.twitter.com/0npk7n8Ce8— Nerds Doing Stuff (@NerdsDoingStuff) July 15, 2016 The force is strong @ExCeLLondon today #StarWarsCelebration pic.twitter.com/JlRYtyhvCi— James Campion (@jp_campion) July 15, 2016Miscellaneous Welcome back to @SW_Celebration #SWCE day 2! Tune into the livestream for all the latest: https://t.co/0ni0AnRDma pic.twitter.com/MPw4pZEyr2— Star Wars UK (@StarWarsUK) July 16, 2016 He’s furry, has wild eyebrows, and his maniacal cackle has melted my heart. Consider me in love. #RogueOne pic.twitter.com/D1IPvzDPbI— Jennifer Landa (@JenniferLanda) July 15, 2016 #EpisodeVIII begins exactly where #TheForceAwakens left off. -Future Filmmaker Panel #SWCE https://t.co/N1MN47Elsj pic.twitter.com/gZflXARGuC— Star Wars (@starwars) July 17, 2016 Mads Mikkelson: Jyn’s dad Galen Erso is a scientist who invented something so important it changed the world. pic.twitter.com/enRSOQDKDw— Yahoo Movies (@YahooMovies) July 15, 2016 “The 2nd film is where we start zooming in on the characters, getting to the heart of them.” @rianjohnson on Episode VIII #swce— Chris Taylor (@FutureBoy) July 17, 2016 Some of the biggest #StarWars fans in the galaxy give their impressions of #RogueOne’s Jyn Erso. Do you rebel? #SWCE pic.twitter.com/LXtwmckQ2G— Star Wars UK (@StarWarsUK) July 17, 2016 I’d honestly be thrilled if #RogueOne was just 2 hours of this guy complaining about the kids and their #PokemonGo. pic.twitter.com/9z6vuLYw3n— Joseph Scrimshaw (@JosephScrimshaw) July 15, 2016 I know a lot of people are really cranky about the SWEU being Legends now, but we are basically getting a Wraith Squadron movie, so gtfo— Brian (@brian_nov) July 15, 2016 Confirming Luke actually speaks in STAR WARS EPISODE VIII #SWCE https://t.co/y2lVETPmdX— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) July 15, 2016Rogue One #LRT “Death Star looming while a land war rages during your honeymoon trip to Barbados” is my new fave.— Nicole Campos (@camposova) July 15, 2016 Ralph McQuarrie stormtrooper and Boba Fett coming from @collectsideshow #SWCE pic.twitter.com/FPgo0IDDuh— Jen @ SWCE (@mockingnerd) July 15, 2016 Right? #RogueOne #SWCE pic.twitter.com/krg1hXJCeV— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) July 16, 2016 “My favourite new environment was in the Maldives, we used the Maldivian army as stormtroopers” – Gareth Edwards #SWCE— Star Wars UK (@StarWarsUK) July 15, 2016 @semirose @nancipants MORE pic.twitter.com/Z9NooNNrgY— Jen @ SWCE (@mockingnerd) July 15, 2016 Original gang from #RogueOne #StarWarsCelebration #StarWars pic.twitter.com/0Xc79f3Anh— Kellvin Chavez (@LRM_Exclusive) July 15, 2016 “My favourite new environment was in the Maldives, we used the Maldivian army as stormtroopers” – Gareth Edwards #SWCE— Star Wars UK (@StarWarsUK) July 15, 2016 Set photos from Episode VIII! #StarWarsCelebration #StarWars #SWCE pic.twitter.com/JLi4nOwMhc— ExtraTV (@extratv) July 17, 2016 @geekgirldiva @geekdotcom Senior foreign correspondent @SwaraSalih1 meeting #RogueOne Gareth Edwards pic.twitter.com/CjiASBybwd— Beltway Banthas (@BeltwayBanthas) July 16, 2016 “[insert comment regarding accuracy of Imperil stormtroopers]” #StarWars #RogueOne #FiveMonthsIsTooLongToWait pic.twitter.com/LQLwuQP4d7— Star Wars Books (@swbooks) July 15, 2016 “I don’t say this about many people, but I think Rian moves the camera as well as Steven Spielberg” – Kathleen Kennedy on @rianjohnson #SWCE— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) July 17, 2016 @geekgirldiva @Da7e @GermainLussier pic.twitter.com/Y8Z6dtbwO7— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) July 15, 2016 Jyn Erso #SWCE #RogueOne pic.twitter.com/zOhgG5Salq— Jen @ SWCE (@mockingnerd) July 15, 2016Star Wars RebelsComing soon!Ahsoka Tano/The Clone WarsAhsoka Tano’s Untold Tales Liveblog – StarWars.comThe Untold Stories of Ahsoka Tano Broke Our Hearts—And Ahsoka’s, Too – io9Toys [email protected]_official unveils their new Star Wars plane at #SWCE. The skies are about to get a lot more proper. pic.twitter.com/pZ89jNeTTR— Star Wars (@starwars) July 15, 2016 #StarWarsRebels have arrived at #SWCE! #StarWars pic.twitter.com/V30ZUOt5uI— StarWars Celebration (@SW_Celebration) July 16, 2016 Rian Johnson on Ep VIII: “For the first time a Star Wars film is going to pick up right where the last one left off” #SWCE— Total Film (@totalfilm) July 17, 2016 Love this #ForceAwakens cosplay of a male Rey and a female Poe #SWCE #SWCEPics pic.twitter.com/EdW3tDBcFO— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) July 16, 2016 One of the best parts about @SW_Celebration is that it brings family together. #SWCE pic.twitter.com/5dZ2PhgXQY— Charlie Ashby (@CMWAshby) July 16, 2016 My new aesthetic: https://t.co/07Crpm3NbM #StarWarsCelebration #RogueOne pic.twitter.com/db7H6lEvDH— Jonathon Dornbush (@jmdornbush) July 15, 2016 ELLO ASTY! #SWCE pic.twitter.com/VJwf092iFR— Jen @ SWCE (@mockingnerd) July 15, 2016 Behind the scenes shot of background cast in Ep 8 #SWCE pic.twitter.com/FfVFYEmr9M— ScreenCrush (@screencrushnews) July 17, 2016 We have a Gran. I repeat: we have a Gran. Cannot confirm if he’s the legendary Ree Yees. Too excited. #SWCE pic.twitter.com/R2wNX2SJwr— Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots) July 15, 2016 @geekgirldiva Beltway Banthas meets Full of Sith, Star Wars Report! Amy Ratcliffe, Bryan Young & Riley Blanton pic.twitter.com/2Qzy1EqLbz— Beltway Banthas (@BeltwayBanthas) July 16, 2016 Stream everything you missed from @SW_Celebration Europe on YouTube: https://t.co/eBbsyyjjmV #SWCE pic.twitter.com/aEeVAiqSBw— Star Wars (@starwars) July 15, 2016Ben Mendelsohn’s entrance was pure gold. #RogueOne’s new creature (codenamed Space Monkey) revealed onstage during the Creatures, Droids & Aliens panel #SWCE pic.twitter.com/EFXBnVCWTY— Star Wars UK (@StarWarsUK) July 16, 2016 This Rogue One ship is the most Star Trek Star Wars has ever been, design wise. Photo @GermainLussier pic.twitter.com/9gbEIGMokO— Da7e Gonzales (@Da7e) July 15, 2016 Love this guy #RogueOne K-2SO pic.twitter.com/TYIEy8WpUF— HappyToast ★ (@IamHappyToast) July 15, 2016 “Not to put down green screen, but the amount of sets that we’ve built for this movie has been absolutely outrageous” – @rianjohnson #SWCE— Empire Magazine (@empiremagazine) July 17, 2016 Star Wars Celebration Rogue One Panel1/13Gwendoline Christie greets the crowd.<><>last_img


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