Toy Tuesday 11 Coolest Toys of 2018

first_imgStay on target Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long It was quite a year on a number of different levels, but one thing that’s inarguable is that toys rocked in 2018. We had companies in the US, Japan and around the world churning out insanely high-quality designs around all of our favorite franchises, and our wallets definitely took the hit for it. If you’ve still got a little holiday money burning a hole in your pocket, here’s Geek’s picks for the absolute best new action figures, LEGO sets, and more that dropped this past year.LEGO VoltronThe biggest LEGO mech ever, this insanely cool tribute to the beloved 1980s anime clocks in at 2,321 pieces of primary colored fun. The instructions let you build all five of the robotic lions that combine to form the sword-wielding Defender of the Universe, and the final figure stands over a foot high with multiple articulated joints and trademark weaponry. It’s an incredibly complex build – LEGO recommends it for ages 16 and up – but if you’re reading this and have a credit card you’re probably old enough to conquer the beast.Get it at Amazon.comNECA Shin Godzilla Atomic Blast Figure2016’s Shin Godzilla was a solid entry into Toho’s giant monster franchise, featuring an updated take on the beast’s origins. It became the highest-grossing live-action flick of the year in Japan and inspired a bunch of toys. Earlier in 2018, NECA dropped this incredible recreation of the scene where the big lizard uses his atomic rays from mouth and tail to decimate a fleet of U.S. bombers trying to take him out. Lay waste to your toy collection with this really cool figure that measures over a foot from snout to tail.Get it at Amazon.comFunko Deadpool Bob RossMarvel’s Merc with a Mouth had another truly great year, starting with the release of Deadpool 2 in May and proceeding through some great comics and action figures. One of the best bits actually came late in 2017 with the trailer for the sequel narrated by Deadpool in full PBS painter Bob Ross get-up, and soon after Funko latched on to the design and released the year’s funniest POP. Did you know that Bob Ross actually hated his trademark white-guy Afro but had to keep it for the show so people wouldn’t get confused?Get it at Amazon.comGood Smile Atlas & P-BodyJapan’s Good Smile company had a hell of a year, releasing their ultra-detailed Figma series across a wide range of games, movies, anime and more. Our favorite of the lot are the two figures from Valve’s classic puzzler Portal 2, the android test subjects Atlas and P-Body. In the game’s two player co-op mode, each player controls one of these charming little fellows, put together from scrap parts including a Companion Cube and a Personality Core. The figures are super poseable and come with portal guns and stands.Get it at Amazon.comPopeye One:12 FigureE.C. Segar’s salty sailor had a tough 2018, being re-invented in a series of bloodless YouTube cartoons that strip the hero of his trademark pipe and penchant for fisticuffs. But if you’re a true fan of one of the greatest American comic strips of all time, this incredibly detailed figure from Mezco will scratch that itch. Gleefully ugly, Popeye is ready to throw down with his foes and comes with a ton of accessories, including a duffle bag, a spyglass, a compass, two spinach cans, three different hats, and two styles of corncob pipes along with a removable wool pea coat.Get it at Amazon.comNECA Wonder Woman 1/4 Scale FigureSize isn’t everything, but it sure can make a difference. This NECA figure of Princess Diana, based on her hit movie appearance, is one of the most imposing toys on this list. Standing a whopping 18 inches tall, she towers over her foes and moves to strike them down with 30 individual points of articulation. Of course, the figure also comes with Wonder Woman’s trademark lasso, sword and shield so she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty. You can spend hours just marveling at the insane sculpt detail in her hair. That’s not weird to do or anything.Get it at Amazon.comTamashii Nations Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger FigureIt’s crazy to think that we got a new Pacific Rim movie this year in addition to the abundance of other riches we saw at the cinema. While Uprising didn’t quite have the heft and ambition of Guillermo del Toro’s original flick, it was still a ton of fun and brought a new audience into the giant robot franchise. Bandai’s Tamashii Nations “Soul Of Chogokin” series is a throwback to the die-cast metal robots of Japan’s past, and their fusing of that aesthetic to the Gipsy Danger Jaeger results in a hefty, solid toy that just looks incredibly cool.Get it at Amazon.comSquare Enix Play Arts Kai Vincent Valentine Figure We’re as hyped for the much-delayed Final Fantasy 7 remake as anybody on Earth, but sometimes it seems like Square Enix is just never gonna get the thing done. Until then, we’ll settle for the seriously badass figures the company’s toy department is kicking out. This year saw a really slick rendition of the game’s hidden vampire character Vincent as seen in his solo spin-off Dirge of Cerebus, complete with tattered cape and tons of articulation. Maybe 2019 will be the year we finally return to Midgar after all…Get it at Amazon.comNintendo LABOWe obviously left video games off this list but no chronicle of 2018’s toys would be complete without the LABO, with which Nintendo managed to innovate in a direction so weird we’re still processing it. Half origami, half science project, the LABO lets you fold cardboard structures that interface with the Switch’s sensors and controls to do all sorts of wild things, like create a playable piano or a fishing rod. It’s unique, bizarre and unlike anything else on the market. Just what we’ve come to expect from the big N.Get it at Amazon.comPickle Rick PlushRick & Morty has demonstrated a truly terrifying strength at pushing memes into the human brainosphere, and nothing demonstrated that quite like the near-instant proliferation of Pickle Rick after the Season 3 episode of the same name aired. As if by witchcraft, suddenly we were surrounded by versions of the cucumber-vinegar scientist in all number of forms. If you really feel the need to cuddle with this briny bastard, here’s an 18 inch plush one that you can creep out any visitor to your bedroom with.Get it at Amazon.comHot Toys Boba Fett Movie Masterpiece FigureHot Toys, the Hong Kong-based company that reliably turns out some of the best licensed figures on the market at 1/6 scale, had a hell of a 2018. It was nigh-impossible to pick just one of their offerings for the year, but our heart had to go with the super sweet Movie Masterpiece Boba Fett, one of the most detailed replicas of the bounty hunter’s original appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. For decades, Fett has been the must-have Star Wars toy, and this one is as cool as we’ve ever seen. Interchangeable helmet parts, hands weapons and more add to the coolness.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Geek.com:11 Goriest Resident Evil Toys11 Best Nintendo Toys11 Coolest Iron Man Toyslast_img


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