Watch a Texas bridge get demolished in mesmerizing slow motion

first_imgSlow motion is kind of like a magical effect that makes everything more of what it already is. If a video is pretty gross, a slow motion effect will undoubtedly highlight every awful nanosecond. If a video is totally awesome, slow motion will show you all the intricacies as to why the video is awesome. Of course, if something happens too fast, slow motion will surely show you all the stuff that happened too fast for you to actually see. Case in point, this bridge demolition in Marble Falls, Texas. Aside from the ear-shattering noise, the explosion happens too fast to appreciate. However, with the help of slow motion, we see that the bridge demolition is not only extremely organized, but a tad mesmerizing.Check out the destruction in super slow motion below.Now compare it to the destruction at full speed…Even though we know certain things travel faster than sound — light, some planes, certain missiles, and various guns — it’s still amusing to watch an explosion take place only to have the audio lag behind, albeit a bit startling. The old steel bridge was demolished to make way for two new concrete bridges, and though controlled demolition is a normal part of construction, it’s not without some repercussions. KEYE TV reports that nearby buildings took a bit of damage, and phone, cell, and internet service in three surrounding counties were knocked out for more than 12 hours when shrapnel from the explosion took out a fiber optics cable located above the bridge.The video was shot with a Nikon D800 and an 85mm prime lens, while the slow motion footage was captured with a Canon SX260 HS.last_img


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