iPower Tote aims to charge your iPhone and replace your wallet

first_imgIf you enjoy surfing the Internet or playing games throughout the day, your iPhone battery isn’t going to last very long and a charge or battery pack may be required. But rather than add additional bulk to your bag or pocket, father and daughter team Jerry and Alexis want to replace your wallet with an iPhone 4/4S charging unit that doubles as a wallet.They’ve launched a Kickstarter project for their device, which is called the iPower Tote. Inside the Tote’s flip case wallet is an 1800mah battery providing your iPhone with enough juice for a full recharge. If that’s not enough for you, there’s a mini USB port at the bottom of the case allowing for a recharge without having to remove your phone, or simply to recharge the case battery. In terms of a wallet, the space is limited to room for just two credit cards.Once inserted, your phone is held securely so it doesn’t matter how you hold the wallet, it won’t fall out. The case is also designed so you can use your phone without having to take it out, meaning the recharging continues even if you get a call or text.The outside of the case is made from real leather, while the inside is felt so that your phone screen is protected from scratches. There is one oversight in the design though, as the credit cards slot in opposite the display. When closed there’s a chance they could touch and rub against the display.Attempting to replace your wallet with a phone case and charger in one is a nice idea, but it does rely on you not carrying cash around and only needing two cards on your person. It’s also not exactly cheap, with the Kickstarter requiring an $80 pledge to secure one.There’s 29 days left for the iPower Tote to meet its $120,000 goal, and I think it’s going to struggle to reach that target.More at Kickstarterlast_img


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