Apples Lion OS X gets 1 million downloads in first day

first_imgIn addition to three other products, Apple released OS X Lion yesterday, an update to the Mac operating system that has be in the making since 2009. It seems that there were quite a few people waiting for the OS X release–apparently Lion was downloaded over 1 million times yesterday. That sets Mac OS X 10.7 as the fastest downloaded OS in Apple’s history.Coincidentally, when Apple launched the Mac App Store back in January, it too received 1 million downloads in its first 24 hours. Lion was made available yesterday in the Mac App Store for $29.99, which was also a first for Apple since it used to offer a physical copy of the software available in its retail stores. However, customers had only one choice if they wanted Lion on the first day of its release, and that was the Mac App Store.AdChoices广告A second choice is also available for those of you who’d prefer not to download the software and can wait until “later this August,” which is when Apple is estimating it will release Lion for those who don’t download it. You won’t find it on a CD either; instead, you’ll have to pay more than twice the price as the Mac App Store download to get it on a USB stick for $69.99. Of course, if you just can’t download it right now because you’re not a broadband user, you can always go to an Apple store and use their WiFi for free.It will definitely be interesting to see how many of the USB stick versions Apple does sell after having already sold 1 million copies in one day. We’re guessing it’s not even going to come close to yesterday’s number. It’s no question that the ease of downloading the software right from your computer had some part in the massive number of downloads Apple received yesterday. As Apple continues to push the Mac App Store as the best way to get new software for Apple devices, it’ll be fascinating to watch how Apple’s sales are affected. So far, it’s for the best.Though we’re still testing out Lion, we can tell you that it has more than 250 new features including the new Multi-Touch gestures, which have a few people confused right off the bat. Check out our quick tips for fixing your gestures with the new OS X.via PC Maglast_img


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