This Weeks Best YouTube Videos Shuttle Launches Tiger Blood Robot Armor Rick

first_imgThe best that YouTube had to offer this week runs the gamut from a robotic exoskeleton that will either make your jaw drop in wonder and amazement (or creep you out) all the way up to a hilarious remix of the now infamous Charlie Sheen interview that will also get you up to speed on the whole Charlie Sheen thing if you haven’t been paying attention. That’s only the half of it, though. There’s a shuttle launch taken from a truly unique perspective in this week’s video lineup, a trailer for what could be the theatrical embodiment of every Internet meme ever seen, and more. Front View Boys The Chronicles of Rick Roll – Official Teaser Trailer Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep A couple of weeks ago, our YouTube roundup included a video from the self-named Rear View Girls, who mounted a camera on one lady’s posterior and posted a video of all of the attention she reportedly received. Well, a couple of YouTube comedians decided to turn it around on the ladies with their own take on the social experiment called Front View Boys. I don’t want to spoil the hilarity for you – it’s worth a watch. AdChoices广告Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From an Airplane Skeletonics If you’ve been wondering why so many people are saying “Winning!” and claiming that more things need “Tiger Blood” as of late, you’re probably not up to speed on the public relations nightmare that has been Charlie Sheen over the past few weeks, pretty much since the Oscars. If you are up to speed, you’ve probably seen the original version of this now-infamous interview where he went public with exactly how off the charts his lifestyle is. Either way, this dubstep remix of the television interview that started it all is a great way to get up to speed if you’re out of the loop, or put on repeat for your friends and laugh to if you are.  Neil had a particularly interesting view of Space Shuttle Discovery’s final launch last week: from his flight, about 20,000 feet in the air, that had just departed Orlando, Florida. He looked out his window, and was able to capture Discovery soaring into orbit on his phone, and then post it to the Web for the rest of us to enjoy. Godspeed, Discovery! We mentioned this earlier in the week, but it had to have a place in our best of the week roundup. Starring everyone from the Double Rainbow Guy to Antoine Dodson, if The Chronicles of Rick Roll actually gets enough interest and money to get made, it’ll be a masterpiece. That or seeing every Internet meme ever on a huge movie screen will make everyone’s brains explode. One or the other. This amazing video is hardly one of the most popular from YouTube this week, with just over 5,300 views, but it’s definitely one of the best that I’ve seen. This group of Japanese students, college students it looks like, figured it might be a good idea to build their own robotic power suit – similar to the kind that the US military and other high-tech companies have been developing for real world use. Theirs isn’t designed to be small and lightweight and carried into combat, but it’s still more than impressive. You still have to climb up into it, and it serves as a power-assist for natural human motions, from running, hitting people with leeks, and stealing sodas. Many thanks to Danny Choo, who posted the video – and more photos of the suit – on his blog.last_img


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