7 trillion SMS messages will be sent in 2011

first_imgWe’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: SMS messaging is a huge scam perpetuated upon mobile customers by companies who are making most of their money selling something that is absolutely free to them. SMS messages only came into being because they were free: engineers designed the SMS system to “fill in the gaps” that exist just keeping mobile networks operational. That’s the reason that it’s so easy to get free text messages when you complain to your mobile provider, and that’s the reason that mobile providers love text messaging: they’re essentially charging you ten cents per pop for something that it costs them absolutely nothing to provide. It’s infinite profit.So how much will the telecoms rack in from SMS messaging in 2011? Well, according to ABI research, it’s going to be a banner year at least when it comes to volume: they anticipate seven trillion SMS messages to be sent next year.If you assume a charge of five cents charged per SMS, that’s a lot of money generated from an imaginary expense: that’s a $350,000,000,000 (or $350 billion dollar) industry in texts alone. In actuality, many of those 7 trillion texts will be part of plans, so it’s pretty hard to say exactly how much money mobile companies will make in texts in 2011… but let’s just say it’s going to be a lot, shall we?Read more at ABI Researchlast_img


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