King Mohammed VI Inaugurates Addiction Treatment Center in Benslimane

Rabat – On Tuesday, King Mohammed VI inaugurated an addiction treatment center in Benslimane, a city in the Casablanca-Settat region.The center, the first of its kind in the region, was opened thanks to a MAD 6 million investment from the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. The opening of the center is part of a national program initiated jointly in 2010 by the ministries of Health and Interior to combat addictive behaviors. The program aims to protect young people in particular against drug use, improve the quality of care for addicts, and encourage the involvement of civil society and social departments in addiction issues, according to MAP. As part of the program, centers have already been opened in Casablanca, Rabat, Oujda, Nador, Marrakech, Tetouan, Tangier, Fez, Agadir, and Meknes.Like the aforementioned centers, the Benslimane Addiction Treatment Center will raise awareness to prevent the use of drugs, ensure individualized medical and social care for people suffering from addictive behaviors, and support affected families.The center aims to aid the social reintegration of addicts, as well as the supervision and training of associations in the field of harm reduction, notably through providing support on the ground to young drug users and those at risk of addiction.King Mohammed VI launched construction of the center on 3 June 2018. The center includes a social support and risk reduction center, space for physical and artistic expression, sports and fitness, psychoeducation, IT, spaces for associations, conviviality and garden therapy, as well as a mobile unit office.To attend to the medical needs of addicted patients, the center also includes treatment rooms, consultations in general medicine, addictology and psychiatry, a space for group psychotherapy, two rooms for methadone users, a nursing station and a pharmacy.A chief medical officer, a psychiatrist and four psychiatric nurses will attend to the needs of patients.Read also: Algerian Psychologists Open Clinic to Treat ‘Facebook addiction’


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